Ep 20: Midnight Special & The Huntsman: Winter’s War

This week we discuss the new Jeff Nichols / Michael Shannon collaboration, acclaimed sci-fi festival favourite, Midnight Special. This also prompts us to countdown our top 3 actor/director collaborations. Rhianna reviews Snow White sequel Huntsman: Winter’s War and quizzes Mike on kids in adult movies. This week’s IMDB Top 250 pic is Fritz Lang’s 1931 classic, ‘M’.



Intro by Jack Whitney

Outro by Victor Gurr

[00:00 – 01:20] Intro

[01:21 – 17:06] Midnight Special

[17:07 – 24:27] The Huntsman: Winter’s War

[24:28 – 46:00] Top 3 Actor / Director Collaborations

[46:01 – 55:41] Quiz on Children in Adult Movies

[55:42 – 01:14:03] Fritz Lang’s ‘M’ (1931)

[01:14:04 – End] Outro


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