Ep 44: Logan & A Cure For Wellness

This week we bid farewell to Oscar season and get back to reviewing some trashy, shlocky, popcorn fare. We review the latest Wolverine movie Logan, Gore Verbinski’s psychological horror movie A Cure For Wellness and Michael Keaton’s starring role in The Founder. Mike also reviews Beyond The Gates, Certain Women, Patriots Day and Multiple Maniacs. We countdown our top 3 grossest movie moments and Rhianna quizzes Mike on “Women” movies. For our IMDB Top 250 pick, we revisit Chris Nolan’s twisted thriller Memento (2000).



Intro Music by Jack Whitney

Outro music by Victor Gurr

[00:00] Intro

[04:50] Logan

[14:30] A Cure For Wellness

[25:05] The Founder

[32:35] Patriots Day

[37:50] Certain Women

[40:30] Beyond The Gates

[44:40] Multiple Maniacs (1970)

[47:48] Top 3 Grossest Movie Moments (WARNING: GROSS EXPLICIT CONTENT)

[01:04:40] Quiz: “Women/Woman” Movies

[01:16:35] IMDB Top 250 Review: Memento (2000) SPOILER ALERT


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