Ep 47: Secret Cinema; The Handmaiden; Fast 8

After a 4 week hiatus, we’re catching up on ALL the movies we missed! We’ll be discussing Secret Cinema’s Moulin Rouge, The Handmaiden, I Am Not Your Negro, Fast & Furious 8, Raw, A Dark Song and A Quiet Passion. Brace yourself…

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Intro music by Jack Whitney

Outro music by Victor Gurr

[00:00] Intro

[02:10] Secret Cinema Presents Moulin Rouge

[09:00] The Handmaiden

[18:40] I Am Not Your Negro

[24:00] Raw

[28:10] A Quiet Passion

[31:57] A Dark Song

[35:35] Fast & Furious 8

[39:45] Outro / End Notes

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